“The need for solutions providing safe instrumentation, control and automation in power generation and transmission is growing rapidly.”

Thomas Maul, CEO

System-relevant technology:
Specialised for SCADA data.

ESP provides the technology for blackout-proof and broadband data transmission from any location in the world. The system consists of specially developed routers, broadband satellite connections and receiving stations, for example in our own Network Operation Centre (NOC) or a control centre of our customers. We complement our satellite links with 5G mobile communications to create hybrid systems.

Our SatConnect routers enable the highly specialised transmission of SCADA data – the parallel transmission of voice and video is possible. This enables us to guarantee the remote monitoring and control of all kinds of plants, even in harsh environments, such as offshore in the North Sea or in hot desert regions. With our systems, we are always in a position to control even very large power generation plants, such as offshore wind farms or high-power transformer stations, and at the same time to continuously monitor the functionality of the individual plant components.

Flexible and Secure: SatConnect Routers.

Our SatConnect satellite routers meet all security and stability requirements for critical infrastructure environments. All models contain sophisticated components that enable comprehensive functionality of the overall system and are flexibly configurable.

Configuration is performed – on-site or remotely – by ESP or by qualified personnel authorized by ESP.

Technical Specs

Interfaces Front:
  • 6 Modem-LEDs
  • Reset pushbuttonSAT-ETH connection
  • Configuration switch
  • Dry contact watchdog alarm output
    (1-3: NC und 1-4 NO)
Power Supplier:
  • Redundant AC/DC
  • 230V AC 50/60 Hz
  • 18-60 V DC, power min. 100W
Dimensions and Environmental Conditions:
  • 19″ rack mount (2 HE) 482 x 240 x 90 mm (W x D x H)
  • Weight 4.8 kg
  • Operating range 0° C…50° C,
  • Storage temperature -20°… 65° C
  • Humidity range <80 %, non condensing
Ethernet Interfaces:
  • 6 RJ-45-Ethernet ports, LAN4-LAN9
  • Each port configurable as additional WAN port for backup connection, Standard: LAN9
WAN Interfaces:
  • RX/TX port for satellite antenna
  • LTE SMA port for LTE antenna

Whether secure generation or transport networks –
we make the energy transition possible.

The basis for the energy transition is secure transport networks, many heterogeneous generators, energy storages and consumers that use smart grids. On the generation side, these include wind and solar farms, biogas power plants, geothermal plants, but also individual solar plants on house roofs and wall facades, as well as storage technologies.

In the case of transmission system operators, high, medium and low-voltage grids have to be included. It must be possible to determine at any time at which location how much energy is being generated, fed in, transmitted and consumed in order to avoid network fluctuations and ensure the supply of critical infrastructures, industry and society. The resilience against blackouts of the underlying data transmission is one of the most important prerequisites for supply security. ESP ensures this with highly available satellite-based and hybrid systems.

Primary System or Redundant/Back-up:
We manage crisis situations.

An accident becomes a disaster when redundant systems fail. If terrestrial connections or undersea cables no longer work, we take over the operation of power plants and substations of any size on the communications side – all within minutes. The advantage: the connection via satellite is still available even if, for example, the mobile networks are also overloaded in the event of widespread disruptions. With our transmission technology, you achieve the level of security that is essential for critical infrastructures in particular.

Satellite technology
for fast and consistent data transmission.

We handle challenges.

Offshore wind farms are large power plants that have to operate in very harsh environments. This applies to the wind turbines, the offshore substations and all the technologies they require. We have positioned ourselves to work in this challenging environment. Our routers and radomes are specifically designed for marine conditions and are exceptionally robust. Our technical teams are specially trained for offshore operations and are annually re-certified for their tasks.

Commissioning of offshore systems – process stages:

Our services for transmission and distribution grids.

Whether transmission networks for high voltage or distribution networks for medium voltage – data transmission is always required to achieve a stable network frequency. We support major European grid operators in providing their vital services in the TSO and DSO area blackout-proof. This we achieve using pure satellite solutions as well as hybrid satellite solutions – either as a primary path or as a redundancy of fixed networks.

Always connected

With tracking antenna systems, we support our customers in emergencies and can take over entire systems on an ad-hoc basis.

Stable connections are business-critical for our customers.
We achieve resilience in the event of a blackout via satellite.

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