EuroSkyPark e Siemens Energy:

Espansione dei parchi eolici offshore nel Mare del Nord

ESP quale partner solido per le grandi aziende.

The wind farms and the offshore platforms for connecting those parks to the grid are situated far from the coast in the middle of the North Sea. The geographic and climatic conditions prevailing here are harsh. For this very reason, Siemens sought out a partner company for the data transmission and satellite-based monitoring of the platforms that has already proven its knowledge and expertise in the offshore business many times over: As a global market leader for satellite-based communication solutions for industrial applications, EuroSkypark provides its customers with satellite communication solutions that transmit data in near real time, around the clock, with maximum availability. ESP cooperates with Europe’s leading satellite operators, whose steadily growing satellite fleet enables wide-area transmission. Together, the companies developed a technology for bidirectional data transmission via satellite.

The solution is very simple: To connect the wind farms, offshore-trained ESP technicians mount robustly designed antennas that are aligned with the satellite and send and receive data. A specially developed multi-protocol router takes care of processing the data in the customer’s system. “We enable our customers to transmit images, voice and data. This system is so powerful that we can also take over the entire wind farm control in an emergency,” explains Thomas Maul, managing director of ESP.

"Offshore is a huge emerging market!"

Thomas Maul, CEO (ESP)

The already successful cooperation is to be further reflected in other joint projects. “We also see ESP technology as the right solution for plants currently in the planning stage,” says Markus Gaudenz of Siemens Energy, commenting on the joint plans for the future. The European Wind Energy Agency expects offshore plants with a total capacity of up to 1,500 megawatts to be connected to the grid. Thomas Maul confirms the forecasts: “Offshore is a huge emerging market!”
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