ESP once again a step ahead:

Parallel SCADA and IP Broadband Access with seamless global coverage

Saarbrücken. With the latest technical expansion of access services, EuroSkyPark GmbH (ESP) now offers its customers worldwide seamless coverage for both SCADA Access Services and IP Broadband.

“There are no more white spots on our map, neither in SCADA Access Services nor in IP-Broadband.” What ESP CEO Thomas Maul describes in brief words is not only a novelty, but above all very good news for customers. Internationally operating companies can now use IP broadband services and SCADA access services in parallel via one access point, regardless of the location and the infrastructure present there. Highly available and economical via ESP’s satellite communication solution.

ESP is thus adding the whole world of network services to the SCADA Access Service that already exists in most regions of the world. And it does so with a connection that works just as reliably as terrestrial networks and that is also specifically suitable for the telecontrol protocols 104, OPC and 101. With transmission rates of 2 Mbit/sec. throughout and even up to 10 Mbit/sec. in some cases, the capacities are absolutely user-friendly. “We can use it to make any company in any corner of the world, no matter how remote, viable in network terms, so to speak,” emphasizes Thomas Maul. “And that puts us a big step ahead of all other solutions.”

The higher-performance connections are attracting keen interest from industry, especially in dynamic markets such as the energy sector, traffic and transportation, and plant safety. Yet users of mobile ESP solutions, such as maritime shipping, can also benefit. “Of course, this is interesting for those of our customers who are globally active and build corporate networks on other continents, but still have their headquarters in Europe. They now really do access the higher-performance connections at every location with uniform equipment and uniform access,” says CEO Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Maul, explaining the customer benefits. “Even in the Arctic, we could set up a terminal with SCADA and IP broadband access.”

"We can use it to make any company in any corner of the world, no matter how remote, viable in network terms, so to speak."

Thomas Maul, CEO (ESP)

For regions of the world that do not have the communication density that is common in Germany, the ESP solution can become a connection technology in the real sense. The supply of remote regions in Africa or Asia with solar power, for example, can be directly backed up with an intelligent network on the basis of the ESP solution. The cost-effective and very robust technology creates a future-proof solution right from the start.
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