KU-Band Europa

Ku-band Europe

In the Ku frequency band area we maintain an excellent partnership with globally leading satellite operator SES ASTRA, and avail of capacities of the Astra 3B from the Astra Satellite fleet to achieve bandwidth needs. Due to the orbital position 23.5 ° East, the spotbeam , of this geostationary satellite covers Europe and the northern part of Africa. Bandwidths of 320 Kbps upload and 6 Mbps download are possible via the Astra teleport. Full transparency, reliability and availability of remote sites through a centrally managed location is an essential and cost-critical factor in satellite communications, most especially in the area of SCADA applications.
Apart from that, we have the capability of achieving bandwidths of up to 20 Mbps upload and 80 Mbps download via fixed leased KU band capacity and the distribution over our own self-managed ground stations.