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Our Saarbrücken-based Network Operation Center (NOC) plays a central role in the implementation of connections of critical infrastructures. This highly equipped network operation center performs its operational tasks of monitoring, checking, and control within the communications network. The NOC relies on a comprehensive communications infrastructure.

We build highly available and outage-secure connections for our clients via two independent nodes (POP). This is ensured by direct dark fibre connections between the POPs and the Astra teleport and the Eutelsat teleport ring. Besides this, there are digital fixed lines from Astra to POP in Frankfurt, and from Eutelsat to POP in Saarwellingen. In addition to these measures, the POPs are mutually connected and connected to our NOC via leased line, and via secured connections with the internet, so that in the event of a disruption, immediate redundancy can be established. To respond and avert threats, both known and new, proactively in real time, we deploy Next Generation Firewalls with Intrusion Protection System (IPS) and Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for the coupling of the two nodes on the public network.
In addition to its infrastructural characteristics, our NOC is characterized by 24-hour service, with a team that has many years of experience in the onshore and offshore areas.